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Honeywell Power Products HPACM8

Honeywell Power Products HPACM8
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The HPACM8 multi-output power distribution module converts one non-power limited 12 to 24VAC or DC voltage input to eight (8) independently controlled power limited outputs. The outputs can also be configured as dry form “C” contacts. Activated by an open collector sink or normally open dry trigger input from an access system, card reader, keypad, push button, PIR, etc. Outputs operate both fail-safe and fail-secure and will power magnetic locks, electric strikes, magnetic door holders, etc. It™s powered by either one common source or by two independent sources, one for board power and the other for accessory power. The FACP interface can trigger emergency exit, monitoring, HVAC shutdown, elevator recall or other auxiliary devices. The fire alarm disconnect is configurable for all affected or 50/50 mode. This convenient power distribution board has a wide range of applications for access control and fire systems that require individually protected outputs that switch independently.


  • Input: 12 to 24VAC or DC, 20A max.
  • Eight electronically regulated outputs have individual PTC circuit breakers Class 2 current rated 2.5A each. Use thermally protected power source
  • Input and output transient protection.
  • AC power LED indicator.
  • Individual LED indicators for each output indicate PTC operation.
  • Power & input trigger LEDs.
  • Power fail supervision relay is form “C” rated 1 amp @
  • 28VDC/115VAC.
  • Temperature range: -4ºF to 95ºF (-20ºC to 35ºC); use inside enclosure only.
  • Board dimensions 8˝ (L) x 4.5˝ (W) x 1.25˝ (H).