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Honeywell MAXPRO-Net CPU system server and software

Honeywell MAXPRO-Net CPU system server and software
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Honeywell MAXPRO-Net CPU system server and software


HoneywellÂ’s new MAXPRO-Net is a Windows-based, full-featured CPU server specifically designed for security and surveillance professionals. It provides increased flexibility that leverages the latest existing analog video security environments and doesnÂ’t sacrifice the ability to adopt newer digital security solutions. Its system architecture integrates HoneywellÂ’s analog MAXPRO and VideoBloX video matrix switching hardware with more sophisticated digital CCTV recording equipment.

The MAXPRO-Net CPU server integrates small-to-large video matrix environments with networked security control solutions, such as access, fire, building management, intercom and perimeter systems. Its extensive library of CCTV equipment protocols gives system operators precise control and timely information in times of crises, whether they are on-site or remotely located. Live updates, system diagnostics, keyboard emulation, input/output control, alarms, camera test mode and message logs are all possible with pre-installed hardware configuration software tools.

The CPU system server is rack-mount ready and ships complete with an eight-port serial card, keyboard, mouse and MAXPRO-Net system software. In a standalone matrix configuration, up to 4,096 inputs and 256 output channels can be supported with a single MAXPRO-Net CPU system controller.

Market Opportunities The MAXPRO-Net CPU server and software is ideal for any new or retrofit security surveillance application. From small, video matrix switch environments to complete, networkable integrated systems found in casinos, retail stores, healthcare facilities, correctional facilities, airports and other places that require multiple security components. MAXPRO-NetÂ’s power and robustness is designed to meet the challenges of todayÂ’s growing security business needs.


  • Intuitive installation wizards for simple and fast setup
  • Controls both MAX-1000 and VideoBloX matrix switching hardware
  • Can import MAX-1000 configuration files for easy upgrade
  • Centralized management console
  • Connects directly to MAX sub-racks, VideoBloX chassis (adapter necessary) and protocol interface translators UltraKey support over Ethernet (requires new firmware to be loaded into UltraKey)
  • Remote monitoring and configuration over Ethernet
  • Remote control to satellite matrix switches
  • Large library of protocols for PTZ
  • Alarm outputs and PTZ control
  • Local or remote configuration updates without rebooting the system
  • High-level interface for integration with third party switchers, digital recording equipment, access control and alarm management systems

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