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Honeywell MPNVRSW4 MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 4 Channels

Honeywell MPNVRSW4 	MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 4 Channels
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Honeywell MPNVRSW4 	MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 4 Channels


Honeywell’s MAXPRO® NVR Software is a flexible, scalable and open IP video surveillance system. Supporting Honeywell's high definition (HD) cameras and broad integration with third party IP cameras and encoders, the MAXPRO NVR family is a powerful HD IP recording and security monitoring system for a variety of applications. MAXPRO NVR Software ensures flexibility for end user IT departments when choosing NVR hardware in deploying a recording solution, but end users will find it as easy as a DVR to configure and operate.

MAXPRO NVR Software is an open platform and supports broad third party device integrations with support for standards—PSIA and ONVIF (including Profile-S devices), real time streaming protocol (RTSP) standard and native device integrations including new 360° camera support. MAXPRO NVR provides easy to use desktop clients and mobile apps—MAXPRO® Mobile.

MAXPRO NVR Software comes with all required software applications and a license for 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels allowing for up to 32 cameras as your system grows. Minimum hardware specifications for different levels of recording and monitoring performance are provided for IT departments to choose the appropriate hardware platform. This, along with quick and easy commissioning wizards for discovery and system configuration, makes installing HD IP systems quick and efficient without requiring any IP expertise. Simple and logical configuration pages make setup a breeze even for the novice installer.

The MAXPRO NVR Software user interface is based on Honeywell's flagship MAXPRO® VMS user interface which offers a feature rich user experience. Utilization of this familiar interface allows for the "Learn One, Know Them All" concept that ensures familiarity across a broad range of Honeywell products.

MAXPRO NVR Software supports simultaneous recording, live and playback viewing, search and system management for up to 32 IP cameras including HD formats in a single server instance. Multiple MAXPRO NVRs can be deployed for system expansion using a distributed architecture and integrated with the MAXPRO® Viewer multi-site software or MAXPRO® VMS enterprise video management system.

MAXPRO NVR Software supports multiple simultaneous operations such as video recording and video viewing or alarm monitoring on the server unit without the need for an additional workstation and also provides the option of remote monitoring clients. Users can view live video while simultaneously performing searches. MAXPRO NVR Software also offers advanced features: Video Surround, a Honeywell-patented feature, provides the ability to track subjects of interest as they move between areas covered by adjacent cameras by simply double-clicking on the panel where the subject is currently visible. Features like the powerful calendar, preview search options and film strip view allow for rapidly searching video for scenes of interest and then quick export transfers video to an authenticated video clip playable through Windows Media player.

Market Opportunities
The continual growth of IP networks and the demand for HD video offered by IP cameras have led to the need for convergence of building security systems and IT systems for many companies across the globe. This has resulted in a strong demand for open video recording solution software. MAXPRO NVR Software provides flexible and scalable operational power to address the needs of a wide variety of applications. When the need is for an easy to install, simple to use, and feature rich open network video recorder, the solution is MAXPRO NVR Software.

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