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Honeywell Video HASI

Honeywell Video HASI
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As part of the Honeywell suite of intelligent video analytics solutions, Honeywell™s Smart Impressions video analytics software provides the data that tracks the movement of people and vehicles to help end users better understand their operations.

Smart Impressions provides real-time counting data of people and vehicles entering or exiting a camera scene. Two innovative analytics algorithms include the ability to track people entering a target zone and how long they dwell in the area. This data can provide businesses with powerful insight into the design, use, and efficiency of operations.

Smart Impressions is high performance software capable of accurately monitoring indoor and outdoor scenes 24/7. Custom reports can be configured to perform statistical analysis of people or vehicle traffic patterns. The software also provides the ability to instantaneously retrieve the images of these people or vehicles. This innovation enables video to move beyond security applications and to provide valuable business data and insight that may otherwise never be fully utilized. Honeywell Smart Impressions can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a compatible recording system with local and remote management capabilities. The software user interface is intuitive, user friendly and easy to maintain regardless of the system size.

Market Opportunities
Smart Impressions is a revolutionary solution to accurately automate the gathering of human and vehicle movement data that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is ideal for the following markets: