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Honeywell Video HDVWM1 Wallmount Bracket ACUIX LT Indoor Only

Honeywell Video HDVWM1 Wallmount Bracket ACUIX LT Indoor Only
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Honeywell Video HDVWM1 Wallmount Bracket ACUIX LT Indoor Only


Honeywell offers a complete family of mounts and adapters for the ACUIX and ACUIX ES domes. In simple or complex applications, these mounts and adapters offer affordability and space efficiency without sacrificing performance.

The HDXWM2 and HDVWM1 wall mounts are constructed of high tensile cast aluminum and can be mounted directly to a vertical load-bearing surface supporting up to 25.8 lb (11.7 kg). The HDXWM2 has a covered weatherproof cable access hole for ease of installation and can be corner or pole mounted using the HDXCMA1 corner mount adapter or the HDXPMA1 pole mount adapter. The HDVWM1 wall mount is for internal use only.
Market Opportunities
The flexible mounting options for ACUIX make it a suitable dome for most indoor and outdoor installations. Where an aesthetically pleasing installation is needed, such as in banks or retail outlets, Honeywell has a solution with a full line of mounts and adapters. When used with HoneywellÂ’s corner mount adapter, coverage for both the front and side areas of a building or parking lot is possible using a single dome. HoneywellÂ’s pole mount adapters ensure hassle-free installation on tall poles such as in traffic monitoring and marine locations, allowing maximum viewing coverage even under high wind conditions.

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