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Honeywell Video HRDP4D50 HRDP H.264 DVR Series 4-Ch 500GB DVD - REPLACES THE HRDP4D500

Honeywell Video HRDP4D50  HRDP H.264 DVR Series 4-Ch 500GB DVD - REPLACES THE HRDP4D500
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Honeywell Video HRDP4D50  HRDP H.264 DVR Series 4-Ch 500GB DVD - REPLACES THE HRDP4D500


The HRDP H.264 digital video recorder (DVR) offers clear crisp video using H.264 video compression and a high image per second recording rate. HRDP supports a feature set comparable to many high-end embedded DVRs but at a much lower price!

Recording at a rate of up to 240/200 ips NTSC/PAL, the HRDP supports high-end recording capabilities such as a Remote-View (app for Apple iPhone®) for remote access of live video, a user-friendly front panel control, mouse operation, IR remote control, wizards for fast and easy DVR setup, graphical search engines to find evidence video quickly, an internal DVD-RW and two USB ports for copying evidence video to portable media. HRDP supports continuous, event, and combined continuous/event recording and is configurable per channel. When it detects motion, HRDP can automatically boost the recording rate to capture additional detail of the scene in motion. When saving video clips to portable media, a viewer executable is included with each clip, which eliminates the need to install a viewer separately on the evidence viewing PC. E-mail notification can be set up to alert the system administrator of DVR status conditions and site status upon detection of motion or in the event of sensor activity.

In addition to the Remote-View (iPhone app) described above, HRDP can be remotely accessed by system administrators and other DVR clients using a PC via web browser or via the powerful Remote Software included with each unit. The Remote Software advanced feature set allows the administrator to configure, update, and operate the DVR from a central location. Remote DVR configuration and downloading software updates from a central site saves time and money by reducing the need for periodic site visits. System operators can have individual privileges enabled or denied for functions such as live view, playback, backup, and PTZ control. Once the evidence video is found, the user can save video clips to the PC and/or portable media such as a USB stick using Remote Software.

Market Opportunities HRDP offers an advanced feature set and low pricing. It is ideal for a wide variety of surveillance applications including small to medium-sized retail, financial, warehouse, and educational facilities. HRDP is well suited to support applications requiring high image per second recording upon detecting motion and sensor activation or for capturing maximum detail of activity through building entrances and exits. For virtually any surveillance application, the powerful search engines can be used to quickly identify sources of theft and its viewer executable makes it easy to hand over video evidence to others for viewing on a PC.

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