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Honeywell Video HRDV16C FG,DV16,CD-RW

Honeywell Video HRDV16C FG,DV16,CD-RW
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Honeywell Video HRDV16C FG,DV16,CD-RW


The HRDV is a complete integrated digital video management system combining a digital recorder, multiplexer, text inserter, video motion detector and remote video transmission system. With features like simultaneous time-lapse and event recording, jog shuttle, and front panel controls, the HRDV is as easy to operate as a VCR, yet provides secure, high resolution video and audio. Video is stored on up to 1.6 Terabyte internal hard drives for safe-keeping. CD-RW and removable hard drive options allow for easy evidence video retrieval and preservation. Standard operation allows for reviewing live or recorded video without stopping recording.

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