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Honeywell Video HRERENT Rapid Eye Report Enterprise License (500+)

Honeywell Video HRERENT Rapid Eye Report Enterprise License (500+)
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Rapid Eye Report is the automation and reporting software solution for Honeywellâ€Â©s Rapid Eye family of DVRs. Rapid Eye Report enables central station operators to provide additional recurring monthly revenue services. It offers a true enterprise solution for medium and large companies requiring analysis of multiple Rapid Eye DVRs and the cameras connected to them across multiple locations through LAN/WAN, DSL or even simple POTS telephone lines. Rapid Eye Report helps central station operators and dealers secure additional revenue by providing daily task automation, giving easy access to DVRs on multiple sites, and performing a health check of customersâ€Â© video systems.

Market Opportunities
Rapid Eye Report is ideal for alarm monitoring companies currently using Rapid Eye Remote Admin and Remote View applications. Automated functionality enables Rapid Eye Report to generate reports, customize searches and daily summaries, and create exception reports to pinpoint suspicious activity such as back door openings, the opening of a secured safe or other similar activities. These reports can be assigned to multiple sites and scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly. Reports are created with a quick 5-step process that guides the end user through setting the necessary parameters for creating the query, selecting the site(s) to be included, setting up the reporting schedule and the types of output needed.