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Honeywell Video HS10PIT MegaPIT 10 Channel Port Expander and Automatic Changeover Unit

Honeywell Video HS10PIT MegaPIT 10 Channel Port Expander and Automatic Changeover Unit
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Honeywell Video HS10PIT MegaPIT 10 Channel Port Expander and Automatic Changeover Unit


MegaPIT is a versatile system accessory for small-to-large video matrix installations, providing two different primary purposes. As a port expander, it connects a single serial output from a MAXPRO-Net server and provides eight
serial outputs for connection to field devices. As a hot changeover device, it allows for two redundant MAXPRO-Net servers to be used so that in the unlikely event of a server malfunction MegaPIT will automatically switch system control to the operational server to ensure system integrity.
MAXPRO-Net video management systems are composed of multiple field devices such as keyboards, sub racks and other high level interfaces. These systems are typically integrated with access control, fire, building management, intercom and perimeter protection systems to provide total situation awareness. The high density, versatile design of MegaPIT provides eight combination RS232 or RS422 serial output ports to ensure support of a wide variety of different devices.
In mission-critical applications it is essential that the MAXPRO-Net system remain operational. By controlling a single video management system with two MAXPRO-Net servers, MegaPIT enables automatic changeover of system control in
the event of scheduled maintenance downtime or the unlikely failure of a server. MegaPIT receives “stay alive” signals from each MAXPRO-Net server to decide which server should be controlling the system. If no response is received from a server, MegaPIT will automatically connect the backup server to the field devices.
MegaPIT allows configurations and upgrades to be done without special software. Using an embedded controller and flash memory, MegaPIT provides in-field upgrades using either the front panel LCD or any standard Web browser. In
addition to configuring serial communication properties (including baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits and IP address), the front panel LCD also displays the current status of the controlling server.

Market Opportunities
MegaPIT is ideal for all MAXPRO-Net video management systems and is a must for mission-critical applications such as casinos, government facilities and correctional institutions that depend on flexibility and reliability. MegaPIT can also be installed in existing MAX-1000 installations.

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