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Honeywell Video HSB37NB Exit View 3.7mm Lens, Black, Black Window, NTSC

Honeywell Video HSB37NB Exit View 3.7mm Lens, Black, Black Window, NTSC
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Honeywell™s ExitView height strip camera is a discreet and cost-effective solution for loss prevention, inventory shrinkage, and robbery. A high performance CCD camera within a height strip that can be mounted on or beside the door frame, ExitView captures the full face of the culprit at eye level, in full color, as they exit the premises.

ExitView is one of the most inexpensive solutions to tighten in-store security and make it easier to identify and prosecute criminals. With clear visual identification, prosecution of the offender and recovery of goods is easier than ever before. ExitView represents the latest achievement in business protection that incorporated a CCD camera with a height strip. This value-priced surveillance solution is plug and play, making installation quick and easy.

Market Opportunities
The Honeywell ExitView is ideal for retail applications, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, malls, fast food restaurants, small businesses, cashier areas, and
many other commercial enterprises.


  • High performance 1/3" CCD camera
  • Functional height strip
  • Available in silver or black, with or without the height strip markings, to blend with your decor
  • Discreet, value-priced surveillance solution to prevent loss, inventory shrinkage, and robbery
  • Plug and play installation
  • For an extended field of view, an optional 15º angle adapter is available
  • Comes pre-focused from the factory and includes a 12 VDC power supply
  • Lens Type: 3.7mm fixed lens, F2.0