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Honeywell Video HVB16M64TP VideoBloX 16 Channel UTP Video Input Module

Honeywell Video HVB16M64TP VideoBloX 16 Channel UTP Video Input Module
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Honeywell Video HVB16M64TP VideoBloX 16 Channel UTP Video Input Module


HVB16M64TP - Video Input Module with UTP

Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling is a proven installation method that can reduce the cost of a CCTV system and provide high immunity to interference from noise generating equipment. HoneywellÂ’s HVB16M64TP video input module with built in active UTP receiver, allows for direct connection to UTP cabling via a simple RJ45 connector.

The Video Input Modules provide the source of the video for the VideoBloX Cross Point Matrix Switch. Installed in the matrix chassis - each occupying only a single 1/2U slot - they are position independent and can be removed while the switch is powered on. Fabricated from stainless steel, the faceplate and rear termination panels provide both a sophisticated look and improved grounding to reduce static problems. Manufactured from the highest quality components and utilizing surface mount technology, the modules provide near broadcast quality video with minimum degradation. Advanced circuitry provides protection against over-voltage and on-board power supplies provide uniform power and evenly distributed heat dissipation.

Video Input Modules with UTP have capacity for 16 video inputs connected to (4) RJ45 plugs - (16) BNC outputs allow the video signal to be looped through for connection to other devices such as monitors, DVRs or Enterprise DVRs.

The front panel includes power and communication diagnostic LEDs for the module and individual Video Present LEDÂ’s for each channel. A switch for each channel allows for selection of short (1,500 ft / 500 meters) or long (3,000 ft / 1,000 meters) distance applications. A gain adjustment potentiometer provides fine adjustment of the video signal. The modules are available as 16 inputs switched into 64 outputs.


  • Low profile - only 1/2U in rack height
  • Position independent
  • Hot-swappable
  • Limited over-voltage protection
  • Surface mount technology
  • Stainless steel finish

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