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Honeywell Video HVBGPIO Alarm Input Relay Output Board

Honeywell Video HVBGPIO Alarm Input Relay Output Board
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This application note introduces the HVBGPIO General Purpose Input/Output card for the VideoBloX video
switching chassis system.
The HVBGPIO can be used to connect the MAXPRONET CPU to the VideoBloX chassis without having to
use the HVBMATPIT43. The HVBGPIO also has alarm inputs, relay outputs and PTZ control lines, which
previously required additional equipment.
Each of the four PTZ control ports can support a different protocol for up to 128 PTZ devices on each line,
protocol dependent.
This application note provides sample applications for the HVBGPIO. Please consult your Honeywell sales
professional for assistance with your specific application.
ETHERNET – Used for card settings – default
COM1 – RS232 connections for MAXPRONET CPU or MAXPRO® VMS server or RS-422 for use with
HS10PIT or HVB422FT16
ALARM INPUTS – 24 each alarm inputs – can be configured for Normally Open or Normally Closed with dry
contacts or 2.2k OHM end-of-line resistor in Normally Closed mode
RELAY OUTPUTS – 4 each relay outputs – Form C – Dry Contacts @ 1Amp @ 50Volts DC maximum
PTZ PORTS – 4 each ports – Ports 1 to 3 are RS-485 unidirectional to PTZ devices – Port 4 RS-422, RS-485
and RS-232 to PTZ devices.
Protocols supported (May 2010)– Honeywell VCL (128), Honeywell Diamond (128), Honeywell
Intellibus (128), Pelco D(128), Pelco P (32), Panasonic (99), American Dynamics RS-485 (99)
Each PTZ port can utilize a different PTZ protocol.
Each PTZ port can support up to 128 PTZ (Protocol dependent) device addresses – Proper data
distribution from the HVBGPIO to the PTZ devices is required.