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Honeywell Video HVBMAXPTZPIT MAXPRO-Net to PTZ Protocol Translator

Honeywell Video HVBMAXPTZPIT MAXPRO-Net to PTZ Protocol Translator
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Honeywell Video HVBMAXPTZPIT MAXPRO-Net to PTZ Protocol Translator


The HVBMAXPTZPIT Protocol Interface Translator (PIT) converts Honeywell's Maxpro serial command protocol to HoneywellÂ’s VCL and Diamond Maxpro mode and SensormaticÂ’s (AD) PTZ protocol. The PIT has two serial communications ports. The RS422/RS485 "Slave" port connects to the master controller outputting MAXPRO-Net protocol. An RS232 to RS422 converter is required between the MAXPRO-Net controller and the PIT to convert the MAXPRO-Net data from RS232 to RS422. The RS422/RS485 "Master" port connects to the PTZ devices.
On power up, both the slave channel and the master channel LEDs will be illuminated. The PIT unit receives serial messages from the MAXPRO-NET controller, via its slave communication port. When a valid message is received, the slave port LED will flash off briefly to indicate message receipt. Only messages addressed to the unit address set up
on DIP switch 2 will be received. Should DIP switch 2 be set to zero (all switches off), then messages addressed to any PTZ unit will be received by the PIT. The received PTZ control message will then be translated into the appropriate command, compatible with the PTZ equipment selected by means of DIP switch 3. This message will be transmitted
out of the master port to one or more PTZ telemetry receivers/domes. When the message is transmitted, the master port LED flashes off briefly. If the PTZ protocol supports addressing, the PIT can be set to address zero (broadcast
mode) and each PTZ unit on the master communication port set to a unique address. There is no limitation in mixing PTZ units/domes as long as the above requirements are met and there is at least one PIT per translation type.
Should an installation require one or more PIT units for protocol translation, this has no effect on the connection/operation of standard PTZ units, which are compatible with the "native" RS422 protocol generated by the master controller.
The PIT takes care of translating fixed speed commands into variable speed commands, which are automatically ramped from slow to high speed, when the PTZ unit supports variable speed.

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