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Honeywell Video MagnaView HEV28SC (Coax) Housing

Honeywell Video MagnaView HEV28SC (Coax) Housing
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Honeywell Video MagnaView HEV28SC (Coax) Housing


MagnaView HEV28SC (Coax)

Ideal for correctional facilities and other environments where the security of the camera may be at risk. The strongest camera within the MagnaView series, the HEV28S provides a snug fit for corners making it highly vandal resistant.

  • Vandal resistant
  • High quality
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of selection
  • Peace of mind

Honeywell offers a real solution to vandal resistant surveillance systems with the MagnaView Series modular camera system. MagnaView is a premium CCTV camera featuring a stainless steel or aluminum housing, making it the strongest camera series available today.

The HEV28F and HEV28G have no ligature points – so they are ideal for institutional or industrial applications. All MagnaView cameras have impact resistant, no-scratch, clear polycarbonate domes with adjustable dome inserts to conceal and protect camera components. MagnaView cameras are engineered to consistently deliver crisp, clear images without compromise.

Select any one of our six MagnaView housings, nine camera boards and nine lens options to custom design a camera that exactly meets your specifications. HoneywellÂ’s assortment of standard or high resolution color or black and white cameras, with true day/night resolution or wide dynamic functionality, teamed with a Honeywell quick change lens or Vari-focal Auto Iris lens, will turn out clear, sharp, color or monochrome images in bright daylight, as well as in little or no light.

MagnaView lets you achieve optimum performance quickly and affordably by designing a camera system precisely built to take on the challenges of any environment.

  • MagnaView HEV28 Square
  • Housing Dimensions 5.25 in.W x 4.13 in.H x 5.25 in.D (134 mm x 105 mm x 134 mm)
  • Weight 3.0 lbs (1.37 kg)
  • Housing Material Sand cast aluminum alloy
  • Finish Urethane powder paint
  • Dome Material Hard coated polycarbonate (clear dome with insert)
Destruction Test -- MagnaView™ V28S

One of our Toughest Cameras Takes on a 10-ton School Bus

The MagnaView V28S is one of the strongest cameras on the market today, and we've got the video to prove it!

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, Silent Witness Domes are as tough as they come.

• High Res MPEG - 300kbit/s

• Low Res MPEG - 100kbit/s

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