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Honeywell Ademco ZWSTAT Z-Wave Connected Thermostat

Honeywell Ademco ZWSTAT Z-Wave Connected Thermostat
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Honeywell Ademco ZWSTAT Z-Wave Connected Thermostat


The ZWSTAT is Honeywell's cure for the common home. The ZWSTAT is a Z-Wave connected thermostat that offers automated thermostat management through a variety of customizable rules and presets, including selectable temperatures, lowering the temperature automatically when you set the alarm to away or raising it when you return home, as well as keypad lockouts to prevent tampering. With Keypad Lockouts, you can designate "range stops" that limit the temperature to a particular range to avoid changes beyond the set parameters.

The ZWSTAT is the ideal choice for any home or business, simply because of the benefits of thermostat automation. However, the ZWSTAT also provides more than just a standard automated thermostat, which are common in many homes. The ZWSTAT provides key features such as "Adaptive Intelligent Recovery", which allows the ZWSTAT to "learn" how long it takes the heating or cooling system to reach its programmed levels, so the target temperature is reached by the scheduled time.

The ZWSTAT also provides reminders for the homeowner to change and clean filters and pads, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. The fan circulation feature also moves air through the house when heating or cooling aren't, maintaining the temperature while eliminating hot or cold spots.

    Also known as

    • Honeywell Intrusion Z-WAVE THERMOSTAT - ZWSTAT

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