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Gentex GECG-24PWW Green Lens Wall Mount Horn/Strobe

Gentex GECG-24PWW Green Lens Wall Mount Horn/Strobe
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The Gentex GECG-24PWW is a green colored lens horn/strobe with a plain white faceplate.

The Commander3 Series Colored Lens Signals are wall mount, low profile strobes or horn/strobes that offer dependable audible and visual alarms for warning and emergency notification. Applications include emergency communication, severe weather, emergency response and many more.

The GE3 Colored Lens Series are 24VDC units available in lens colors of amber, blue, green and red. The Series offers tamperproof field selectable candela options of 15, 30, 60, 75, and 110 candela.

The Commander3 Colored Lens Series has a minimal operation current and has a minimum flash rate of 1Hz regardless of input voltage.

The Commander3 Colored Lens Series is shipped with a die cast 4" mounting bracket which incorporates the popular Super-Slide feature that allows the installer to easily pre-wire the system and test for supervision. The product also features a locking mechanism that secures the signal to the bracket without showing any screws.

The GE3 Colored Lens Series also features the Checkmate - Instant Voltage Verification Feature which allows the installer to check the voltage drop, current draw and match it against the blue print.

The Commander 3 Colored Lens Series are ANSI/UL1638 and ANSI/UL464 listed. The Series is also compliant with the rated candela per the polar dispersion requirements of ANSI/UL 1971. Therefore, the ANSI/UL 1971 polar plot is equal to the candela listed on the product, no derating was required. The Series is warranted for three years from date of purchase.