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Home Safeguard VT-694-8

Home Safeguard VT-694-8
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VT6948 Heat Detector Tester Kit with 8ft Fiberglass Telescoping Test Pole

At last there's an alternative to blow dryers, heat guns and other clumsy appliances in the testing of heat detectors. A Safe And Nontoxic instant heat source that tests all mechanical and electronic self-restoring, fixed temperature and rate-of-rise or rate compensated heat detectors in the 135F - 190F range.

Kit includes:

  • 1 HC-94 Heat Detector Cup
  • 1 HA-94 Heat Detector Adapter
  • 1 VP- Adapter
  • 1 8ft Telescoping Versa-Pole Extension Pole
  • 6 Heat Pads and 2 Saline Pillows and Saline Syringe
  • 1 Professional Equipment Bag
  • Heat Detector Tester puts every detector within easy reach


    • Product Line - Versa-Tools
    • Product Type - Heat Detector Tester
    • Heat Detector Cup
    • Heat Detector Adapter
    • VP- Adapter
    • Extension Pole
    • 6 x Heat Pads
    • 2 x Saline Pillows
    • 2 x Saline Syringe
    • Professional Equipment Bag