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IEI IE-LS2PE26DA Exit Trim Software Ready

IEI IE-LS2PE26DA Exit Trim Software Ready
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IEI IE-LS2PE26DA Exit Trim Software Ready


LS-series Features:

  • Non-volatile eeprom memory allows in-shop programming

  • One non-handed unit for both indoor and outdoor applications

  • Wire Raceway provides clean installationand protects wires inside door

  • Programs the same as all IEI products

  • Durable alphanumeric Braille keys

  • Selective Lockout of groupd of users

  • Passage/Toggle codes allow door to remain unlocked

  • Service codes allow one-time entry then are deleted automatically

  • Error Lockout for successive invalid attempts

  • Two Stage Low Battery Alert assures entry

  • Propped Door and Forced Door alerts when used with a standard magnetic switch

  • Request to Exit allows door to be unlocked from a distance

  • Four standard AA batteries provide up to 150,000 operations.

    LS-2 & LS-2P:

  • 2,000 individual users per lockset

  • 2,000 transactions stored per lockset

  • Wireless lockset programming and audit trail retrieval with PDA running Palm OS version 3.5 or newer

  • Managed with HubManager Professional Software version 4 or newer

  • Unlimited Access Levels including Time Zones and Holidays

  • 10,000 users per system

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Import user names


  • Read most HID proximity cards and fobs

  • Users can be Code, Card, Code and Card, Code or Card


    The LS-2 & 2P offer the unique ability to communicate through a Hand Held PDA to Hub Manger Professional Software, Version 4.0 or higher.

    • Realize the benefits of a traditional door controller with the ease of Stand Alone Installation

    • The luxury of uploading and downloading (via PDA);

    • Users

    • Access Levels

    • Transaction Logs

    • Visit this page for a list of compatible PDA devices

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