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Inovonics EN7016 Wireless Survey Kit

Inovonics EN7016 Wireless Survey Kit
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Inovonics EN7016 Wireless Survey Kit


The EchoStream wireless survey kit is a portable, easy-to-use tool providing a quick and accurate way to conduct a site survey. Using the site survey kit, you can easily determine the optimal location for transmitters and repeaters. The EchoStream survey kit contains a battery-operated, hand held survey receiver along with dedicated survey transmitters. The survey tool supports up to 16 devices, providing real time survey information at any EchoStream installation. Using the EchoStream site survey tool you can see, hear, and demonstrate live range and performance of the EchoStream wireless network at the actual installation location. Advantages: - Easy to use. The EchoStream site survey receiver is a hand held, battery-operated device containing an extremely user friendly, menu-driven interface. The receiver contains a four line LCD display. - Reliable. Obtain real time signal strength and margin information for up to sixteen points from any installation. he survey kit supports signals through the dedicated survey devices and actual EchoStream installed devices. In addition, the survey kit indicates whether signals have been passed on by an EchoStream repeater along with the signal strength received from the first connection (device to repeater ) and the last connection (repeater to receiver). - Audible and visual feed back. The survey kit displays visual information on a four-line, back lit LCD display. Audible feed back is provided by two distinctive tones for good or weak signals. The receiver also contains a convenient headphone jack. - Dedicated survey devices. These specialized devices have been designed specifically for performing an EchoStream site survey. The survey devices (EN1210SK transmitter and EN1223SK pendant ) transmit signals to the survey receiver continuously for four hours. In addition, these unique devices are housed in clear plastic cases with an LED indicator that blinks to confirm signal transmission. - Single person operation. Site surveys have been designed as a single person operation. Simply place the survey transmitter at a fixed location and use the hand held survey receiver to view live performance at any location.

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