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Honeywell Intellisense DT7435 Dual-Tec PIR w/ K-Band

Honeywell Intellisense DT7435 Dual-Tec PIR w/ K-Band
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The DT7435 is a Dual Tec motion sensor with an Energized Form A Alarm Relay designed to provide reliable protection while reducing false alarms triggered by animals under 100 pounds.

DualCore signal processing analyzes PIR and microwave signals through the microcontroller. K-Band microwave technology provides exceptional detection without holes or weak spots. Custom-made source gives users the option of pattern shaping an area with a balloon-shaped pattern. It also offers Pattern Containment to reduce the penetration of microwave energy through walls.

The DT7435 protects against false alarms caused by RF signals, electrostatic discharge, and electrical overstress. The patented black bug guard improves white light immunity and digital adaptive microwave thresholds automatically adjust for room disturbances.

The DT7435 delivers robust pet immunity without impacting detection performance. The DT7435 is able to adjust its thresholds digitally to recognize non-intrusive room disturbances, like ceiling fans and other repetitive moving objects. False alarms caused by fluorescent lights are eliminated thanks to a digital filter with infinite rejection. Frequency of the filter is selectable between 60Hz or 50Hz via DIP switch.

Optimum performance and reliability are assured through comprehensive diagnostics. Temperature compensation is monitored and updated every 30 seconds. Concurrent diagnostics assure optimum performance and reliability.

The sleek, sturdy housing fits into a variety of building styles and blends with any room decor.