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ELK-M1KPAS LED Keypad Arming Station

ELK-M1KPAS LED Keypad Arming Station
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Small, economical, arm/ disarm station for M1 Controls which fits into single gang box and utilizes a standard decorator style faceplate (not included). Particularly well suited for partitioned jobs such as an office, workshop, garage, etc., but can also be used as the main keypad for any installation. Displays basic system status with 3 LEDs: Green "Ready", Yellow "Trouble", and Red "Armed". The 12 button keypad is backlit with blue LEDs and has quick arm keys for "EXIT" and "STAY". The M1KPAS also provides access to six (6) programmable function operations by pressing the "F" key followed by the number key (1-6) within 5 seconds.