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Leviton Security and Automation LV38A003 Lumina Mode Switch

Leviton Security and Automation LV38A003 Lumina Mode Switch
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The UPB Lumina Mode Controller is used to easily change the mode before leaving your home, going to bed, arriving home, going on vacation, or any other special event. It uses UPB two-way powerline communication technology to communicate with a Lumina Controller to initiate programs for preset lights and temperatures.At the heart of Lumina family home control systems are six standard modes - Home, Sleep, Away, Vacation, Party and Special. The Lumina Mode Switch allows you to change the mode of your Lumina home control system with the touch of one button. Whenever the mode changes, lighting and temperatures are set just the way you like them.

A Lumina Mode Switch has 6 buttons, which could be setup as follows

The buttons on the Lumina Mode Switch glow dimly to act as a night light. The button of the active mode glows brightly, allowing you to always tell which mode you are currently in just by glancing at the Lumina Mode Switch.

Note - It is normal for this switch to make a slight buzzing sound during operation.

  • Away -
  • The AWAY mode is used when you leave your house during the course of a typical day, and no one is home. Indoor lighting and temperatures are adjusted for energy savings and outdoor lighting is turned on at dusk to illuminate your path when you arrive home.
  • Home -
  • The HOME mode is used when you are at home and do not have any special events planned. You would typically set the mode to Home when you arrive home from being away, when you wake up in the morning, and after a special event.
  • Sleep -
  • The SLEEP mode is used when everyone is home and has retired for the night. The lighting in the non-sleeping areas is turned off and your outdoor lighting is adjusted accordingly. Temperatures in the house remain just right throughout the night.
  • Vacation (vac) -
  • The VACATION mode is used when no one will be home for an extended period of time. Lighting and temperatures are adjusted for energy savings, daily scheduled programs are suspended, and lighting throughout the house is randomly activated to create the appearance that someone is home.
  • Special (spcl) -
  • The SPECIAL mode is a mode that is used on special occasions such as a family movie night, a romantic evening, or a dining event. You imagine it and it becomes your Special mode.
  • Party -
  • The PARTY mode is used when you are entertaining for the evening. Scheduled and event programs that usually run during a typical day are suspended and programs that create the ambiance for your event are executed.
  • Number of pushbuttons - 6.
  • Connections - 18 GA.
  • Mounting - Standard J Box.
  • Input power - 120 ± 12 VAC.
  • Input frequency - 60 ± 3 Hz.
  • Operating temperature - -40°F - 104°F.
  • Requires a Lumina family home control system.
  • Requires a neutral (white) connection wire.