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Linear H-804 1 x 4 Passive Video Hub

Linear H-804 1 x 4 Passive Video Hub
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The Model H804 Splitter/ Combiner Hub provides a grid mounted solution for distribution of television signals. CATV or antenna signals can be routed to four locations with the high quality on-board splitter. The splitter can alternately be used as a combiner to merge four inputs into one output. It has a PCB design for consistent performance. It is DTV capable. 5MHz-1GHz bandwidth covers FM, cable modem, VHF and UHF bands.

Also known as

  • 4-Way TV Hub
  • Linear 4-Way TV Hub - 4-way - 1GHz
  • OPEN HOUSE H-804 1 x 4 Passive Video Hub
  • Vertical alignment
  • Tilted 15° for easy connection
  • Six enclosure grid spaces
  • Splits 1 input TV signal into 4 TV outputs
  • Onboard circuit board ensures the best possible split signal
  • Features the Linear grid mounting system