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KBC Networks LNBMB

KBC Networks LNBMB
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Accessory Features:

• Weather enclosure – can be painted any nonmetallic color

• Wall & Pole mount hardware included

• Multiple transmitter/receiver mounting configurations available

• LNB mounting hardware included with ML 5.8- 1000E & 2500E

• Mounting block included in weather enclosure with ML 5.8 series

• 18 inch & 1 meter dish antennas for ML 5.8 series

• 6” x 6” patch antenna for ML 5.8 series

• 4” x 5” & 12” x 12” patch antenna for ML 2.4 series and ML Data 2400

• 36” grid dish for ML 2.4 series

• 41.5” yagi antennas for ML Data 900 series

MiniLink weather enclosures can be pole or wallmounted, are large enough to accommodate combinations of transmitters and antennas and come with all necessary mounting hardware. In addition, they can be painted any non-metallic color to blend into the surroundings.

A variety of transmit and receive antennas are available depending on the range and type of system being designed. Review the distance specifications chart for available configurations.

All MiniLink Transmitters, Receivers and Transceivers must be mounted in an environmental enclosure if used outdoors or in an area susceptible to water and/or dust.

MiniLink antennas and LNBs are weather proof and do not need to be mounted in an enclosure.