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KBC Networks WSUP

KBC Networks WSUP
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Product Features:

• Transmits up to 20Mbps in standard mode and 40Mbps in turbo mode

• 9 user selectable channels, 802.11a technology

• Switch selectable setup with LED indicators for ease of operation

• Connects with standard Ethernet devices – DVRs, video servers, IP cameras, router/hubs, etc.

• Uses encrypted communication for secure transmission

• Transmits up to 30 miles

• Unique compact, rugged modular design for easy installation - plug and play operability

The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet system is a dual band wireless transmission system. It operates in the license free 5.3 and 5.8 GHz U-NII bands. The system consists of dual 802.11a RF modules. A secure encryption method is used to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet (WES) system is designed as a plug and play CAT5/Ethernet cable replacement device. Installing the system is as easy as mounting the RF modules, pointing them at each other and connecting the power and Ethernet/CAT5 cables. Three LED indicators on the back of each module give power, link activity and signal level status.

The WES modules transmit bi-directional data at 20 Mbps in standard mode and 40 Mbps in turbo mode. Standard operation requires no computer programming. For advanced setup, such as WEP encryption programming, turbo mode, setting IP addresses and User ID/Password changes, the system employs an easy to use web browser interface. WES modules operate on channels 1 – 4 in the 5.3 GHz band and channels 5 – 9 in the 5.8 GHz band. Individual channels are selected via a rotary switch on the side of each module.

The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet system enables a wide variety of IP cameras, DVRs, encoder/decoders and web servers to be used across wireless line-ofsite links in ranges of 2500 feet to 30 miles. In applications where it is not possible, cost effective or desirable to run a cable, WES modules are an ideal solution. Following are a few examples:

• Security & Surveillance – School and Corporate Campuses, Warehouses, Retail, Manufacturing, Public Attractions, Ranches, Stables and Farms

• Intelligent Traffic Control Systems – Highways, Intersections, Parking Lots and Garages

• Homeland Security – Ports, Airports, Borders, Utilities, Parks and Monuments

• Government Agency and Military – Bases, Forward Deployment, Special Operations Teams

• Law Enforcement – Local and State Police, Bomb Squads, Search and Rescue teams