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Mier Products DA05110 DA-051 Solid-State 12" Sensor with D.B. Cable

Mier Products DA05110 DA-051 Solid-State 12
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DRIVE-ALERT SENSOR WITH 10 FEET OF CABLE For use with models DA-500, DA-503, and DA-504. Extra sensors may be used when knowledge of vehicle movement in more than one area is desired. The PVC-encased sensor comes with 100 feet of direct burial cable attached. Sensors with additional lengths of cable are available. They monitor a 10 foot radius (20' diameter). The sensor may be placed up to 5,000 feet from the Electronic Master Control. As many as three sensors may be added without loss of sensitivity. NOTE: When ordering a DA-051 please specify the amount of cable needed. Example: If 350 feet of cable is needed you would order a DA-051-350.