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Mircom MI-KT108 (KT-108) Push-Button Duplex Handset System - (8 Apts.)

Mircom MI-KT108 (KT-108) Push-Button Duplex Handset System - (8 Apts.)
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Mircom MI-KT108 (KT-108) Push-Button Duplex Handset System - (8 Apts.)


KT-108 Push-Button Duplex Handset System - (8 Apts.)

  • Modular design enables individual modules to be stocked
  • Height of Frames match common apartment mail box sizes
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior
  • Made from anodized aluminium, the K-Series Entry Panel can withstand years of environmental abuse
  • Clear indication of tenant call buttons
  • A paper-like film directory insert can be easily updated
  • Standard Rough-in backbox sizes

    Mircoms ingenious design of K-Series lobby panels are inspired by the continuous demands of architects, engineers, contractors and building owners.

    Made from rugged aluminium alloy the K-Series is built to withstand years of use and abuse. A unique pinhole locking system does away with common fastening providing a clean appearance. The pinhole locking mechanism also resists tampering by individuals attempting to vandalize the panel.

    A variety of panels for speaker or handset intercom systems makes it easy to assembly a lobby panel to fit in virtually all applications. Each panel has a varying number of call buttons and directory spaces to accommodate system sizes from two to fifty apartments.

    The modular construction of the K-Series panels makes it easy for distributors to stock and provide immediate delivery for their distributors.

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