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Videolarm PV18N CCTV Lowering Pole

Videolarm PV18N CCTV Lowering Pole
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IP Ready - PolEvator Lowering Pole PV16N with 2' transformer base Base includes NEMA box, terminal strip, 110 vac to 24 vac transformer and surge protection for video/data. The PolEvator is one of Videolarm's many products which was developed to meet the needs of the security market. The PolEvator requires just one technician using a simple drill to service or repair pole mounted domes, housings and accessories like lights or IRs. Videolarm's unique, patented process allows work to be completed in a fraction of the time. No more expensive bucket trucks, or long lead times for service calls. And, since the tall ladders and lift equipment don't have to be used, safety concerns decrease. The PolEvator is a time, work, and money saver. It is constructed from extruded aluminum with a black powder coat finish to be able to stand the outdoor environment and winds up to 110 mph. It is the perfect solution when security is needed and rooftops are too high for resolution needed, small area for servicing, time is of the essence and safety of service technician is important.