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Honeywell Access OFP1N0026

Honeywell Access OFP1N0026
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NC-OFP1N0026 Mifare 1k + Hid 26bit Card - NC-OFP1N0026

Smart card technology is ideally suited for access control, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, secure IDs with embedded tamper-proof digital photos, parking, ePurse and many other applications requiring secure and reliable read/write cards.Honeywell™s OmniAssure readers eloquently combine compliance with convenience. Their U.S. patent-pending flash-on-card design make OmniAssure readers the easiest to use in today™s market. With flash-on-card, the reader™s flash firmware can be easily updated to support changing government standards without removing the readers from the wall. With other smart card readers, the configuration cards only change parameter settings for the currently installed firmware OmniAssure readers can retrofit most standard Honeywell or Wiegand-output proximity systems. The readers also feature built-in-hardware to support future RS485 protocols and both the reading/writing of smart card credentials. This protects the OmniAssure solution for changing needs in the future. Reader versions include smart card reader only, smart card reader plus keypad, fingerprint smart card reader, and a multi-technology smart card/prox reader. All wall-mount readers are sold as mullion with an optional U.S. gangbox (4S electrical box) mounting kit