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Honeywell Access SPX2W

Honeywell Access SPX2W
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NC-SPX2W Wiegand Extender - NC-SPX2W

REPLACES NC-SPXII2W.SPX-2-W Wiegand Extender.Extends Wiegand communications up to 10,000' using a single twisted pair. The system supports from 24 to 36 data bits and has a SPST relay at the remote unit that is energized when the reader LED is energized. The central unit provides an alarm relay to indicate if power or communication is lost at the remote unit. Requires 8-24VDC power supply (HPS123).Question:Will PassPoint work with a proximity reader that more than 500 feet from the Door Control Mod.Answer: Yes. Install and configure the SPX-2-W Wiegand Extender. The system extends Wiegand communications up to 10,000 feet using a single twisted pair. It supports 24 to 36 data bit, proximity and Wiegand Swipe cards. Requires an 8-24 VDC power (PS-1-12E power supply).Question:What is the maximum distance I can place my readers from the N-1000 control panel? Answer:In most cases you can place your readers up to a maximum off 500 feet from your N-1000 control panel. You can go beyond this distance if you are using a wiegand extender. Also, please refer to your reader, N-1000 panel, and if using wiegand extenders, istallation instructions for exact distances and and type of cable to use for each installation