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NEDAP AVI NEDAP AVI 9876200 12 foot reader

NEDAP AVI NEDAP AVI 9876200 12 foot reader
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The TRANSIT Entry reader represents the latest in technology for door access and long read range applications. Featuring a slim elegant designed housing the TRANSIT Entry reader makes a perfect fit to any door or vehicle gate environment.

The TRANSIT Entry reads Nedap tags at distances up to 4 meters [12 ft] reliably and consistently.

Due to the slim design and long read range, the reader can be installed on a wall next to a door or on an entry pedestal near the barrier without the need for additional mounting accessories. The reader can be mounted directly on metal without any impact to its performance.

The built-in beeper and high intensity LED provide audible and visual feedback on the identification of a tag in all operating modes.

Optional Multi Technology Reader interface This interface will enable the reader to read standard proximity cards and smart card CSN, allowing it to operate with existing credentials, at short range, when presented to the face of the reader.

The identification lobe of the reader is an adjustable directed beam, offering the ultimate in flexibility and accuracy in any installation.

The multi-channel synthesizer allows on-site adjustment of the frequency channel in case of radio interference.

The TRANSIT Entry reader is weatherproofed inside an IP65 [approx. NEMA 4x] certified enclosure.

The TRANSIT Entry reader is designed for seamless integration to existing parking management and access control systems. The USB interface offers easy access to the unit for diagnostics and servicing.

Typical TRANSIT Entry reader applications involve handsfree access to emergency rooms, access for disabled, door access, personnel tracking, gated community access, access to parking facilities.

Also known as

  • Nedap AVI - 9876200 - Reader Transit Entry