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Northern Computers NC-KP10 Exterior/Interior Piezo Matrix Keypad, Stainless

Northern Computers NC-KP10 Exterior/Interior Piezo Matrix Keypad, Stainless
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Northern Computers NC-KP10 Exterior/Interior Piezo Matrix Keypad, Stainless


Exterior or interior keypad. Brushed stainless steel, piezo electric with audio and visual feedback, 12 wire hook-up, mounts on a single gang box. Used only with the N-1000-II, III and IV in card and pin configuration. Dimensions: 5.125" H x 3.375" W x .5" D (13.02cm H x 8.57cm W x 1.27cm D). Operational temperature range: -40° to 160° F (-40° to 71° C).

The Northern Computers' KP-10, KP-11, KP-12, and KP-13 keypads offer security without the use of a card. The users need only enter their personal numerical code to gain access.

The unsurpassed ability of these keypads to tolerate virtually any environment enables them to function reliably in extreme climate conditions, yet their aesthetic design allows for installation inside any office building. The KP-10 and KP-11 keypads are constructed out of stainless steel. The KP-12 and KP13 keypads are constructed of a durable plastic. 

The piezo technology allows the keypads to be activated by user touch, without any moving parts or contacts that can corrode over time. An audible beep and visual indication are generated with each key pressed. The elimination of moving parts gives these keypads unquestioned dependability.

The KP-10 and KP-12 keypads can also be used in conjunction with a card reader of choice to provide a higher level of security.


  • Rugged Stainless Steel construction.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Vandal Resistant.
  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Status monitoring LED's.
  • Intrinsically safe in explosive environments.
  • Audible and visual feedback
  • 5.125 x 3.375 inches (130 x 86mm) size.
  • -40 to 160° F (-40 to 70° C) operating temperature.
  • KP-10, 12 conductors 18 AWG (0.75mm) Shielded cable, 2 of 7 matrix output.
  • KP-11, 5 conductors 18 AWG (0.75mm) Shielded cable, 32bit Wiegand output.
  • KP-10 and KP-12 provide 2 of 7 matrix output

  • KP-11 and KP-13 emulate a 32 bit Wiegand output

  • KP-11 and KP-13 are selectable for 5 or 12 volts

  • KP-11 and KP-13 have programmable site code


• Dimensions

KP-10/KP-11 - 5.125" H x 3.375" W x .50" D

(13.018 cm H x 8.573 cm W x 1.27 cm D)

KP-12/KP-13 - 7.50" H x 1.75" W x .75" D

(19.05 cm H x 4.445 cm W x 1.905 cm D)

• Weight - 16 oz (470 gm)

• Operating Temperature - –40° F to 160° F (–40° C to 71° C )

100% relative humidity (weather resistant)

• Mounting Methods

KP-10/KP-11 - Directly to a single gang switchbox or surface

mount by direct wiring through a wall

KP-12/KP-13 - Mullion or surface mountable

• Cabling

KP-10/KP-12 - Requires 12 conductor (0.75 mm) shielded cable,

12 wire, 18 AWG, NC18121-YL-500 or

NCP1821-YL-500 (Plenum),

maximum distance: 500 ft (152 m)

KP-11/KP-13 - NC-KP10 Requires 5 conductor with overall shield cable,

5 wire,18 AWG NC1861-BL-500 or

NCP1861-BL-500 (Plenum),

maximum distance: 500 ft (152 m)

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