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Honeywell Access NS1EM1

Honeywell Access NS1EM1
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Complete kit containing the NS1 controller, 10 EM format cards (NS1CARD) and Program Master cards. Power supply (NS1PS) not included.
Proximity Reader Controller

Honeywell Access Systems has developed a unique integrated proximity reader and door controller system. The NS1 entry-level access control system is designed to operate in a stand-alone or network mode.

The NS1 offers a variety of options unparalleled in an entry-level product. Combined with its small size are powerful functions and programming capabilities. The NS1 is ideal for entry-level applications involving a single or up to eight doors of access control. The NS1 also has the flexibility of migrating to other control panels functioning as a Wiegand proximity reader.

The NS1 offers a sleek bezel design with a choice of three colors: black, charcoal gray and ivory, and has a wide range of compatibility to almost any environment. The NS1 is also fully sealed and capable of mounting inside or outside in most climates.

The NS1 operates in user or installer mode. The user mode allows the customer to add/remove users and manage basic system functionality. The installer mode allows the installing dealer complete control of the customers system.

The NS1 can be programmed using program master cards for adding and removing users. In addition, the NS1 supports the use of a wireless keypad for advanced programming and PC based software for complete system functionality including event reporting.

  • Stand-alone or network up to eight units together
  • Up to 5,000 tag memory
  • Up to 2,300 event storage
  • Real-time clock
  • Two access levels
  • Programmable via master program cards

    Some NS1 Operation Modes:

  • Public mode Designed for gate and vestibule access and other low security access. Public mode allows any EM format card access. There is no limit to the number of cards that the NS1 will recognize in public mode.
  • Private mode For higher security, only a single user is allowed access. Once the user has exited by presenting their access card to the reader, another single user may enter. Designed for vaults, high-security storage, pharmaceutical storage, server rooms and more.
  • Lock out/night lock mode Lock out mode will disable all users with the exception of a lock out master card. This application is designed to restrict employee access until a supervisor or manager arrives. Lock mode can also be for inclement weather. The door will not open until a valid lock out master card has been presented.