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NVT NV16PS13PVD NV-16PS13-PVD 16 Channel Receiver Hub

NVT NV16PS13PVD NV-16PS13-PVD 16 Channel Receiver Hub
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NVT NV-16PS13PVD 16 Channel Power Supply Built In Passive Receiver

The 16-channel NV-16PS13-PVD is a key hybrid component that consolidates all CCTV system cabling using standard EIA/TIA 568B structured building wiring. Designed for installation in the IDF/Telecom Closet or MDF/Equipment Room, the Power Supply Passive Video Receiver Hub has independently selectable 24VAC-OFF-28VAC outputs that can support at-distance camera loads up to 1 Amp per channel (10 Amps aggregate). Use with NVT?s PVD? transceivers for cable runs under 750ft (225m). A built-in passive receiver hub allows connection to DVR or an encoder for IP transmission. Per-channel diagnostic LEDs display load/no-load, miswires, or fault conditions at a glance. Automatic-reset fault protection, transient protection, and ground loop free individually floating outputs.