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OpenHouse SVM-22: Two-Input S-Video Modulator

OpenHouse SVM-22: Two-Input S-Video Modulator
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OpenHouse SVM-22: Two-Input S-Video Modulator


The SVM-22 Two-Input S-Video Modulator is a two channel stereo modulator with 25 dBmV of output and easy push button programming. It offers complete MTS stereo encoding and S-video inputs in a full component size rack mountable case.

The unit incorporates S-video inputs that support both S-video and composite video feeds with included adapters. Offering full MTS stereo with dbx® noise reduction and compatibility with Dolby Pro Logic® makes the Model SVM-22 perfect for integration into any home theater system.

The SVM-22 offers integrated IR control. Each modulator has an IR emitter output jack and is compatible with both 12-volt or 5-volt IR systems. It can remotely power a H838BID or H838HHR video hub from up to 75 feet away.

The SVM-22 offers full loop-through outputs with 75-ohm auto-termination. By connecting video/audio cables to the output jacks, all video and audio signals will pass through for use with a local monitor, VCR or DVR. It is designed to fit any 19" EIA rack (mounting ears included). The unit is one rack space high.

  • S-video inputs
  • Full MTS stereo sound
  • dbx® noise reduction
  • Supports Dolby Pro Logic®
  • Surround sound support
  • Can remotely power H838BID or H838HHR video hub
  • Mounts with other home theater components in a 19" EIA rack
  • Integrated IR control - compatible with 5-volt or 12-volt systems

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