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PCS PulseWorx UPB Plug-In Lamp Module - 400W (LM1-4)

PCS PulseWorx UPB Plug-In Lamp Module - 400W (LM1-4)
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The PulseWorx UPB Plug-In Lamp Module (400W) is a high quality plug-in home automation lamp dimmer that is capable of transmitting and receiving digital commands and status over the existing powerlines. It's perfect for remotely controlling one or more 120VAC lamps. Simply plug the LM1 into any standard wall outlet and plug the lamp into the LM1's bottom controlled outlet. The LM1 is white in color and designed for controlling incandescent, LED, fluorescent or magnetic low voltage loads and provide as much as 400W of power to the lamp(s). The dimmer function can also be disabled, turning the outlets into a switch, to allow the LM1 to turn on and off non-dimmable loads such as fans or radios. A pass-through outlet allows plugging in vacuums, computers, and other devices that do not require remote control. The LM1 will accept powerline commands from any UPB-compatible transmitter such as the PulseWorx Keypad Controllers, Timed Event Controller, Interface Modules, Approved Third-Party Controllers, Touch Screens, and WS1s. The LM1 can be a member of up to 16 Links/scenes with the capability to store a preset level from 0 to 100 percent and one of 16 fade rates (Snap to 1 Hour) for each scene. Each preset light level can easily be adjusted by the homeowner using the innovative PulseWorx manual programming method. Lamp switch trigger circuits allow the LM1 to turn on the lamp when its local on/off switch is opened and then closed. This is a great feature for reading lamps when you don't want to have to find a controller to turn your lamp on. The LM1 can be configured to transmit status changes and inform the rest of the network when its lamp switch trigger has turned the lamp on or off. This allows the LM1 to remotely control other devices or update indicators (LEDs on keypads). Like all PulseWorx devices, the LM1 can be initially configured using PCS's free UPStart Setup Software tool.

Also known as

  • Powerline Control System (Pcs) PUSLEWORX/ LAMP MODULE/ WHITE - P5-LM14