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Pelco 13FD2.3

Pelco 13FD2.3
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Pelco Lens, 1/3" format fixed focal length DC serve auto iris (direct drive), 2.3mm with auto iris, manual focus, f1.4-360, CS-mount. Pelco's 13FD Series of DC Drive Auto-iris, fixed focal length lenses offers a compact, economical, high quality selection of 1/3" optics in four lengths. All 13FD Series lenses are "CS" mount. All 13FD Series lenses are pre-connectorized with a standard 4-pin plug for ease of installation and convenience. The standard wide angle 2.3mm utilizes a galvanometric DC drive auto iris that adjusts from f1.4 to f360. These products are ideal for situations where relative light levels change and the camera lens is required to compensate automatically for these changes. The 2.3mm is the standard wide angle lens appropriate for overall views of wide exterior spaces, or where low ceilings or overhangs put the cameras close to the subject.