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Pelco 13VA3-8

Pelco 13VA3-8
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Pelco's 13VA Series 1/3-inch varifocal lenses offer versatile and flexible packages in one lens. Each adjustable manual iris lens in this series covers a specific range of focal lengths. Adjust these lenses to get the exact field of view instead of "almost-the-right-view." Appropriate for indoor and outdoor lighting situations, the 13VA Series lenses will fit all 1/3-inch CS-mount cameras and are ideal for those equipped with an electronic iris feature. Some lenses have aspheric elements, which provide optimized, crisper images at all focal lengths. Lenses in this series are available in various ranges of variable focal lengths. Focal lengths ranging from an ultra-wide 1.6 mm to an extreme telephoto 82.5 mm are available. Pelco's VA series varifocal lenses are optimized for maximum light transmission. Maximum apertures range from f1.4 to f1.8 (13VA5.5-82.5) for excellent low light characteristics.