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Pelco ALM2064

Pelco ALM2064
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THE ALARM INTERFACE UNIT CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO THE SYSTEM 6800 CONTROLLER. EACH UNIT CAN MONITOR UP TO 64 ALARMS. UP TO The ALM2064 alarm interface unit connects directly to the System 6800 matrix switcher/controller. Each unit provides monitoring capability for up to 64 external alarm inputs. Using Pelco's proprietary M protocol, the alarm unit communicates with Pelco's CM6800 matrix switchers via an RS-485 communication interface. The alarm unit can be located remotely from the system controllerand still communicate back to the central system when an alarm occurs. Up to four alarm interface units can be cascaded to provide multiple alarm contact points on a single M-port connection. Alarm inputs on each ALM2064 unit can be configured in two groups of 32 each for supervised or unsupervised mode. The LM2064 provides a relay output on the rear panel. The alarm unit will activate a peripheral device connected to this output when a valid alarm condition is sensed. The alarm interface unit is powered by an auto-ranging power supply. The ALM2064 occupies one rack unit (1.75 inches or 4.45 cm), accommodating multiple types of mounting.