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Pelco CM1750S

Pelco CM1750S
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Pelco CM1750S


3-INCH UNIVERSAL FOR CAMERAS WEIGHING UP TO 7 POUNDS. CEILING, PEDESTAL OR WALL MOUNT, MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE SWIVEL HEAD. The CM1750, CM1750-BK, CM1750S, CM1750S-BK, TB1750, and BS1750 are universal camera mounts designed for use with cameras weighing up to 7 pounds (3.2 kg). All mounts feature an easily adjustable swivel head for camera positioning. The CM1750 and CM1750-BK are primarily designed for ceiling or pedestal mounting, but they can also be used for wall mounting. The CM1750S and CM1750S-BK are shorter versions of the CM1750 and CM1750-BK and are recommended for ceiling or pedestal mounting applications. These CM series universal camera mounts are available in either gray or black. The TB1750 is specifically engineered for mounting on a T-rail in false ceiling applications. The BS1750 is the swivel portion of the mount equipped with a T-rail clip for use in T-rail applications requiring a shorter mount. In addition, an optional 4-inch extender ( CM1750EXT or CM1750EXT-BK ) is available for use with the CM1750 or TB1750 mounts. This simple tube assembly screws in-between the mount and the base, extending the maximum length of the mount by 4 inches (10.2 cm).

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