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Pelco CM9760-ALM

Pelco CM9760-ALM
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MATRIX ALARM INTERFACE CAGE. PROVIDES ALARM MONITORING CAPABILITIES FOR UP TO 64 ALARM INPUTS. The CM9760-ALM uses an RS-232/422 communication interface with the CM9700 Series system controllers. The unit can be remotely placed with respect to the controller, from where it can communicate back to the central system when an alarm occurs. The alarm unit is capable of handling up to 64 alarm inputs. The front of the CM9760-ALM has two 10-position DIP switches, which allow the configuration of each unit. Also, a red LED flashes whenever there is a valid alarm condition. The relay output connector accepts a screw terminal adapter. When a valid alarm condition is sensed, the alarm unit will activate the relay. It will deactivate only when the alarms are no longer present. The alarm unit mounts in a standard 19-inch (48.3 cm) rack and occupies only 1 RU (1.75 inches or 4.45 cm) of rack space. For remote operation, the wiring from the alarm unit to the system controller should not exceed 4,000 feet (1,219 m). Daisy-chaining is required when more than 64 alarms are needed. Daisy-chain configurations can be used whether alarm units are situated locally, remotely, or as a combination of the two. The 64th input on an alarm unit can be used as an alarm output to report a data communication failure.