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Pelco CM9760-DMR

Pelco CM9760-DMR
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The Pelco CM9760-DMR Data Manager is a data distribution, data merger, and data port expander unit, which allows CM9760, CM9770 or CM9780 Central Processing Unit (CPU) to control multiple PTZ cameras. It allows many keyboards to communicate using one data port. The data manager can be operated in three basic applications with 9700 Series matrix switchers -keyboard expander, camera control expander, or data merger. The Data Manager can be programmed to operate as a data merger using Pelco's P or D protocol. It can operate with a maximum of four CM9700-CC1 CPU units in P protocol of Pelco to control 32 PTZ cameras on a single SERCOM data port. As a data merger, it can also operate in Pelco's D protocol, using D protocol units like DX7100 / DX7000 DVRs and CM6800/ CM6700 microprocessor-based matrix and control 32 PTZ cameras connected to a single SERCOM data port. As a camera control port expander, the Data Manager addresses 64 PTZ cameras by using one SERCOM port of the CM9740, CM9760, or CM9770 CPU. From the data manager, 64 PTZ cameras are being connected through four of its ports (2 to 5) in a group of 16 cameras for each port through RJ-45 reversed cables. The Data Manager can function as a keyboard port expander by connecting to four CM9760-KBD keyboards by using one SERCOM port of the CM9760, CM9770 or CP9780 CPU. From the data manager the four keyboards are being connected through four of its ports (2 to 5) through RJ-45 reversed cables. Besides having RJ-Connectors, the data ports are provided with screw terminals for data input and output. Also, to understand the data activity intensity in each port, color lighted LEDs are provided with the data manager.