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Pelco CM9760-HS Hot Switch for CM9740 & CM9760

Pelco CM9760-HS Hot Switch for CM9740 & CM9760
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Pelco CM9760-HS Hot Switch for CM9740 & CM9760


The Pelco Hot Standby Switch for CM9700 is a UL-listed computer changeover switch which continuously detects the status of an active CC1 in a 9700 series. The hot switch receives an alarm or audible alert in case the active CC1 fails to operate. In this case, the standby CC1 takes over the control of all the devices and common computer input/output devices such as keyboard, printer, monitor, and two serial ports. The system automatically routes the data lines for keyboards, bays, and accessories to the standby CPU. The hot switch has three subunits; the CCC (computer changeover control), the CPS (computer peripheral switch), and the SEU (serial expansion unit). The main component of the hot switch is the CCC which includes data connectivity between the interfaced CC1 and hot switch. The CPS is used to switch the computer peripherals which allow two CC1s to use one monitor, printer, keyboard, and standard serial port. The SEU switches the data communication ports and supports up to 16 standard RS-422 and RS-485 ports. Apart from this, all the three subunits feature a green LED which indicates the power status. The standby switch, which provides an expansion to 128 ports, has an aluminum construction with a black polyester powder coat finish providing a smooth surface. The hot switch is backward compatible with older matrix systems.

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