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Pelco CM9760-RPL

Pelco CM9760-RPL
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Pelco CM9760-RPL


MATRIX DOUBLE WIDE REAR PANEL CARD FOR SINGLE BAY LOOPING. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF INPUTS PER BAY REDUCED TO 128. System 9760 is a full-featured video matrix switching control system that allows users to view and control up to 2,048 cameras and 512 monitors on a single node. Up to 96 individual user-defined ID numbers can be assigned to allow or deny access to system functions. The base configuration for this system is made up of a central processing unit (CC1), matrix switching bay(s) (MXBs) with video input/output modules, and keyboard controllers (KBDs). Optional components can be added to enhance system capabilities. Preconfigured, prepackaged systems make installation fast and simple. System 9760 features a user-friendly Windows-based management system, which allows for easy system programming and maintenance. Macros allow activation of events based on schedule or alarm. Macros may call system-wide sequences (tours); activate preset positions on properly equipped cameras; and activate external relays to control auxiliary functions such as locking doors (additional equipment may be required). System 9760 also includes built-in video loss detection and system diagnostic features. Optional DVR management allows DVRs to be controlled directly from the system keyboards. Suitable DVRs can be monitored for operational conditions ensuring continuous recording.

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