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Pelco DD5-FM

Pelco DD5-FM
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Pelco DD5-FM


The PELCO-DD5-FM is a -xed camera mount that can be installed in anySpectra III Series, Spectra IV Series, or newer model back box. Thismakes it ideal for applications that require specialty back boxes, such as pressurized or stainless steel.

The DD5-FM snaps into place in the back box exactly the same as Spectra's regular pan/tilt dome drive, making the mount just as quick and easy to install and remove. And, because the back box connections are the same, the DD5-FM can be exchanged with a pan/tilt dome drive if camera requirements change.

Pelco's compact cameras (C10CH-6/C10CH-6X, C10DN-6/C10DN-6X, and CCC1390H-6/CCC1390H-6X) are suited for the DD5-FM. The camera bracket has pan and tilt adjustments to set the camera for the desired viewing angle. The DD5-FM is prewired with a video cable and a pair of power wires to make video and 2 VAC power connections to the camera simple and easy. Once installed, the camera does not need to be removed from the unit if it is necessary to take the camera mount out of the back box.

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