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Pelco DF5SKW-0R11A

Pelco DF5SKW-0R11A
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The DF5 Series is available with predetermined, factory-installed and back-focused camera and lens packages. To configure a dome with integrated camera and lens, or integrated camera only, refer to the selection guide below to compile the appropriate model number. Pelco DF5SKW0R11A Domepak Short Back Box Smoked D N 2.8-11MM IR The DF5SKW0R11A fixed mount dome is designed for indoor use where there is limited space above the ceiling. The dome can be installed in hard ceilings or standard 2 x 2 ft (61 x 61 cm) suspended ceilings. The back box requires only 2.75 inches (7 cm) of room. When there is not enough room to install the DF5SKW0R11A back box in the ceiling, the back box can be attached to the surface of the ceiling. A special trim ring, the DF5S-SMKIT, hides the back box. The entire assembly (back box and dome) hangs down only 6 inches (15.24 cm) from the ceiling. For detailed information about DF5 DomePak camera and lens components, refer to the component specification sheets. Dome: DF5 Series Fixed Mount Dome Cameras: Day/Night: KW = CCC1390H-6, KX = CCC1390H-6X, AM = C10DN-6, AN = C10DN-6X, Color: AJ = C10CH-6, AK = C10CH-6X Lenses Auto Iris, D/N: R11A = 13VDIR2.8-11, R3A = 13VDIR3-8.5, R75A = 13VDIR7.5-50 Auto Iris: F2.3A = 13FD2.3, F2.8A = 13FD2.8, F4A = 13FD4, F8A = 13FD8, V2A = 13VD2.5-6, V21A = 13VD2.8-12, V3A = 13VD3-8, V5A = 13VD5-40, V50A = 13VD5-50 Manual Iris: F2.3 = 13FA2.3, F2.8 = 13FA2.8, F4 = 13FA4, F8 = 13FA8, V2 = 13VA2.5-6, V21 = 13VA2.8-12, V3 = 13VA3-8, V5 = 13VA5-40, V50 = 13VA5-50