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Pelco DSF16500

Pelco DSF16500
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The Pelco DSF16500 channel count, frame rate, and compression technology provide a perfect solution for today's converging mainstream applications. The Pelco DSF16-500 offers MPEG-4 compression in 16-channel con?gurations and records 5 to 10 images per second (ips). The MPEG-4 compression technology provides superior image quality while maintaining decreased ?le sizes. The Pelco DSF16 500 supports up to 16 IP cameras along with analog cameras. It is also HD-enabled, capable of recording and displaying exceptional high-quality images captured by Pelco IP cameras with Sarix HD technology. This tight integration between product and technology makes the Pelco DSF16500 a robust HD end-to-end solution.
  • W/lith battery