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Pelco DSNVR04500-V

Pelco DSNVR04500-V
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Digital Sentry world-class security software provides IT-focused, scalable solutions that allow users to manage all data and hardware devices from a single client user interface. Digital Sentry network video recorder (DS NVR) is a purpose-built software and hardware solution that manages video from IP cameras and encoders exclusively through an Ethernet connection. Available in 4, 16, and 32-channel configurations with RAID and non-RAID internal and external storage options, DS NVR is a fully scalable solution. DS NVR is HD-enabled, capable of recording and displaying exceptional high-quality images captured by Pelco IP cameras with Sarix HD technology. This tight integration between product and technology makes DS NVR a robust HD end-to-end solution.
  • W/lith battery