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Pelco DSX16164500-5

Pelco DSX16164500-5
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DSX16164500-5 RealVue Digital Video Management Solutions (DVMS) is the security industry's most powerful 16-channel real-time digital video recorder. DSX16164500-5 RealVue RAID can simultaneously record video from 16 cameras at 30 ips NTSC (25 ips PAL) at full D1 resolution. DSX16164500-5 RealVue product is HD-enabled, capable of recording and displaying exceptional high-quality images captured by Pelco IP cameras with Sarix HD technology. This tight integration between product and technology makes DS RealVue a robust HD end-to-end solution. These broadcast-quality recorders are equipped with the Integral Digital Sentry feature set required by high-security applications such as gaming, money counting, and corrections. MPEG-4 compression provides excellent image quality, smaller storage requirements, and reduced network bandwidth. DSX16164500-5 RealVue recorder can seamlessly integrate with existing Digital Sentry management systems, combining real-time recorders with systems that record at lower frame rates to meet unique customer demands.