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Pelco DVR5104DVD-500

Pelco DVR5104DVD-500
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Pelco DVR5104DVD-500


ENDURA ENABLED DVR WITH 4 CAMERA INPUTS AND 500 GB INTERNAL STORAGE WITH ENDURASTOR OPTIMIZATION TECHNOLOGY. The DVR5100 Series hybrid video recorder (HVR) is an embedded, high-performance hybrid DVR, capable of recording up to 20 cameras at a combined 600/500 images per second (NTSC/PAL) at 4CIF resolution. The DVR comes with a choice of 4, 8, or 16 analog camera inputs, 16, 12, or 4 IP camera inputs respectively. Finally, the DVR5100 can be integrated into a fully distributed Endura system, allowing for centralized monitoring and management in a scalable and expandable IP surveillance system. The DVR5100 provides all of these features, along with efficient configuration, intuitive operation, and cutting edge storage optimization technologies, in a mainstream DVR. The hybrid capability of the DVR5100 offers a cost-effective way to service existing analog cameras, while providing expansion through the use of new IP cameras. By leveraging existing IP networks and taking advantage of technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), IP cameras provide an attractive alternative to deploying analog cameras. Endura system integration creates a powerful growth path for DVR users. The DVR5100 can easily become a systemized component of the Endura system. When integrated, the DVR5100 will continue to provide local access to its cameras. In addition, an Endura workstation, decoder, or VCD5000, can monitor and control any camera, alarm, or relay connected to any DVR5100 in a full virtual matrix application. DVR5100s can also be administered and managed through the Endura workstation. User rights and permissions can either be established at each DVR5100 for local access or centrally managed through the Endura system. The DVR5100 features innovative configuration options and tools that significantly decrease the amount of time and effort required to deploy a unit. Connect the supplied USB keyboard and mouse to the DVR5100 and configuration becomes as easy as a Windows-based DVR. Take advantage of carefully laid out menus to intuitively navigate through the configuration process. Leverage the built-in storage estimator and automatic camera configuration options to instantly program the DVR's recording behavior in support of a required retention target. 4 ANALOG CAMERA INPUT, 16 IP CAMERA INPUTS, 500 GB HARD DRIVE SPACE with DVD OPTICAL DRIVE.

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