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Pelco DVR5104DVD-500

Pelco DVR5104DVD-500
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The DVR5104DVD-500 is the first product from Pelco to be Endura Enabled. Endura Enabled means the product delivers features and benefits from the Endura digital video surveillance platform for stand-alone operation. Further, it denotes the ability of the product to work in an Endura system. The DVR5104DVD-500 digital video recorder leverages Endura technologies to deliver superior recording performance and video quality along with intuitive, easy operation. The DVR5104DVD-500 captures unparalleled video quality at CIF, 2CIF, and 4CIF resolution at up to 480/ 400 (NTSC/ PAL) images per second (ips). The DVR5104DVD-500 can be integrated with an Endura network with a future software release.